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Messinia, the land of the Olive Tree and of the Olive Oil, lies at the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese. Euripides called Messenia “the land of the good fruit” for its beauty and its fertile rich earth. Bathed in light and deep blue sea, Messinia has excelled for years, for the richness of its production.

The olive tree, a sacred tree, has been cultivated in Messinia since the 12th century BC. Archaeological excavations in the palace of Nestor, the ancient king of Messinia, have brought to light evidence that show the enormous importance of the olive tree juice for the society of the time. Olive oil, according to Homer "liquid gold", is a source of health and strength and the beneficial and antioxidant properties are found not only in the field of nutrition, but also in skin care and hair care, since as a 100% natural product, it is rich in vitamins A and E which help rejuvenate and revitalize skin.

Messinia, still yields the world famous Kalamata Olive Oil, a pure and natural fruit juice which is the first that has been ranked in the category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, exclusively from selected olives from sunny Messinian valley. All of Messinia is a vast Olive Grove and has an excellent climate, sunshine, caring producers, small holding which allow each grower to take loving care of each olive tree and to pick the olive fruit when it is mature enough. All the above, are some of the factors that give superior quality to this unique olive oil.

The fertile region's climate also contributes to the rich production of other products-gift of nature, such as honey, raisins, figs, grapes, oranges, lemons and other fruits, silk, herbs such as oregano, mountain tea and balsam.

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